Sacral Chakra – Where it is and what it relates to

Sacral Chakra Symbol

Chakras exist on all levels of the human energy field, some as connections between the levels. If functioning well they act as anchors between these levels.
Light energy and love is always trying to get through the vortices.
When we get inspiration this is energy moving.
We should not let emotions, feelings within get suppressed. We should process these feelings and by feeling them, understand and let go.Common problems are the chakras’ being blocked, excessive (over active) and deficient (under active).
Energy Healing can balance your chakras by channelling colour, light and love to them and restructuring if necessary.

Each chakra has a different psychological aspect I will cover the Sacral (pronounced Say-Krull)(Svadhisthana) chakra located in the lower abdomen, sacral plexus here:-

The sacral chakra spins faster than the root chakra, the colour is therefore orange. It is related to your physical pleasures, sex, drink, food, addictions, and your body. Your negative thoughts and fears about your body will unbalance or block this chakra

Issues – Feelings – Movement – Pleasure – Procreation – Sexuality – Need – Guilt – Desire – Sensation.

Developmental Phase – 6-24 months

Balanced Characteristics – Graceful movement – Emotional intelligence – Ability to experience pleasure – Nurturance of self and others – Ability to change – Healthy boundaries

Traumas and Abuses – Sexual abuse (covert or overt) – Emotional abuse – Volatile situations – Neglect, coldness, rejection – Denial of child’s feeling states, lack of mirroring – Enmeshment – Emotional manipulation – Overuse of playpen or restricting normal movement – Religious or moral severity (antipleasure) – Physical abuse – Alcoholic families – Inherited issues – parents who have not worked out their own issues around sexuality; untreated incest cases.

Symptoms of Deficiency – Rigid in body and attitudes – Frigidity fear of sex – Poor social skills – Denial of pleasure – Excessive boundaries – Fear of change – Lack of desire, passion and excitement.

Excessive Symptoms – Sexual acting out, sexual addiction – Pleasure addiction – Excessively strong emotions, ruled by emotions (hysteria, bipolar mood swings – crisis junkies) – Oversensitive – Poor boundaries, invasion of others – Seductive manipulation – Emotional dependency – Obsessive attachment.

You can have symptoms in both depending on circumstances.

Glands and Parts of Body Chakra Effects: – Gonads – Womb – Genitals – Kidney – Bladder – Lower back
Physical Malfunctions – Disorders of the reproductive organs, spleen, urinary system – Menstrual difficulties – Sexual dysfunction: impotence, premature ejaculation, frigidity, nonorgasmic – Low back pain, knee trouble – Lack of flexibility – Deadened senses – loss of appetite for food, sex and life.

Healing Practices – Movement therapy – Emotional release or containment as appropriate – Inner child work – Boundary work – 12 step programs for addictions – Assign healthy pleasures – Develop sensate intelligence.

– I deserve pleasure in my life
– I absorb information from my feelings
– I embrace and celebrate my sexuality
– My sexuality is sacred  
– I move easily and effortlessly

– Life is pleasurable.

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