Your Observer Self

To make anything conscious, we must separate the knower from the known. For only when we have perspective on our conditions, can we see and understand them. The Observer self is the knower, the activator of consciousness. This self is the agent of our higher power’s mind and its function is to notice and remind. But this is not an intellectual function; it is a felt awareness – an inner knowing. The observer self reminds us of anything that is standing in the way of our truth.

Be aware of your feelings, but do not follow the mind by acting it out, this creates habitual habits / patterns. You can’t fix any emotion you can only understand it.
Joy and qualities of essence, strength, wisdom, peace come from being connected to the universal energy. Negative responses are reactions to how distorted the being is i.e. anger etc.

The opposite of being is reacting. Reacting is craving and going for what you think gives you pleasure and avoiding what gives you pain. At birth we come out of being to reacting as there is separation, hunger, cold etc. We then create a good self and a bad self according to the environment which makes our personality. We move to things which will help our good self. You are never good enough so you keep craving more pleasure; things that make us feel good. This is based on the pain of the bad.

When you meditate it is normal for your mind to wander, we tend to find an emptiness which we will find boring, and this is because there is no activity. Welcome the letting go of your conditional self, welcome the unfamiliar as the old identities fall away, experience the fear and terror of the not known so the real you can come through. If you don’t go through the not knowing we just re-create the old patterns. Meditation is a stillness that needs to be learnt.

Suffering is the non acceptance of life because we have a need to control. There is a soul intention that we may not be conscious of. Life will bring us back to this all the time, even when we try to make changes. When you’re on the right path life flows.

Inner Grounding; is the observer self capacity to maintain a connection with your true self. Big changes may be happening, just see them as happening don’t go into the despair, sadness and  fear, just accept that is what is happening. Gain the ability to have the experience but know you are not the experience you are the experiencer.

I read somewhere a while ago, where people think of their observer self as sitting on their shoulder, gently poking them into consciousness anytime they begin to daydream and become unconscious. It will occasionally whisper in their ear, “Just notice what you are saying now. You are repeating yourself over and over.” Or, “You just walked to the phone booth again to call that man for the sixth time.” This self brings us into the present moment, making us fully conscious of what we are doing. Then, we have a choice as to whether or not to continue our current activity. We may choose to anyway, but at least we’ll be doing it consciously. Often, to help us let go of a pattern, observer walks us through our dysfunctional behaviour while we’re wide-awake, and acutely aware of what it is we are really doing. This can be very uncomfortable but is often necessary to our healing.

Acting alone, our ego can misdirect us toward addictive or dysfunctional ways of thinking, feeling, or behaving. We experience this when we are caught in an emotional reaction, motivated by unmet needs. These times of emotional imbalance cause us to run amuck, strengthening our delusions about power and control. People who abuse others emotionally are generally out of touch with their Observer Self.

When you begin to work with the observers self  it can help you see your wounded self, your habitual patterns and your inner self more clearly, without the ego and it’s desire to maintain the status quo. The observer self is an invaluable ally in personal growth that can lead us to higher levels of consciousness.

If you wish to make a start in personal growth so you feel secure and happy in this world we live. Energy healing  would be the beginning of this journey, to help you create joy and vitality in your life.

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