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Did you know…?

Your hands (and feet) are often a dead giveaway for your age.

When we get age spots, dry skin, and wrinkles on our faces we are quick to get a potion from the store and attack it. But how often do you pamper your hands?

To give your hands or feet a real treatment, smooth a thick layer of moisturiser over them then wrap them in cling film or glad wrap. Then pop them into a hot towel and let the heat emulsify the moisturiser and drive it deeply into your skin. Your hands and feet will soak it up and feel fantastic.

If you struggle to do this on your own, another way is to get some cotton gloves and socks. Apply a thick layer of moisturiser and then your cotton gloves and socks over the top just before getting into bed. When you wakeup in the morning, the moisturiser will have soaked in and your skin will be soft and young looking.

Try it! Your skin will thank you for it

Have you ever tried…?

Green Tea… Many scientific studies over the last few decades have proven Green Tea to have multiple health benefits including lowering the chance of heart disease and/or cancer. In fact, tea has been drunk for over 5000 years and has long been used as a traditional medicine to help heal wounds and promote digestion in countries such as India, Thailand, Japan and China.

There are dozens of varieties of Green Tea so if you try one and you find it not to your taste, you might like to simply try another. For example Tamaryokucha has a berry taste with an almond aftertaste, Kabusecha as a very delicate flavour while Bi Luo Chun has a fruity taste and a floral aroma.

What’s on…

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