Newsletter 4

Soul Essence is pleased to bring you Your Weekly Wellbeing Words…

Did you know…?

We are human. We think, we feel and we react. Why then has this taboo about crying in front of others become the norm? When did it occur that it was not ok to cry? Is it because as a society we are unable to understand one another’s deep emotions enough that it makes us uncomfortable and to protect ourselves from this feeling we try to remove it from our every day lives?

Crying is our bodies way of releasing the fear, stress, anger, trauma, pain, grief and even happiness that we experience. We cry when we are in a heightened state of emoting. It is natural. So the next time you feel that tightness in your throat, that sense of inexplicable emotion let it out!

Crying happens for all sorts of reasons. And yes it is natural but if you are finding that you are crying more often or your feelings are possibly due to depression or ongoing grief see your doctor or a counsellor! It could be a hormonal change or it could simply be the winter blues or you could just be a super emoter. In any case talk to someone about it. As we like to say it’s better out than in!

Have you ever tried…?

Cinnamon Oil – When beautiful full lips are required for that night on the town, fat injections may not be in the budget. Fuller lips no longer require cosmetic surgery when a vial of cinnamon oil is lying around. A few drops of cinnamon oil on the lips will bring blood to the top of the skin and the lips will appear fuller, longer. Peppermint oil will often provide the same effect.

What’s on…

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