Newsletter 16

Soul Essence is pleased to bring you Your Monthly Wellbeing Words…

Did you know…?

We all know too much alcohol is bad for you. But do you realise what it is doing to your skin?

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels in your skin making your skin appear blotchy and red. It also dehydrates your skin making wrinkles look more prominent.

Repeated heavy drinking will dilate the blood vessels in your skin to the point where they loose their tone and will permanently stay dilated.

By all means, enjoy your alcohol if you wish but do so in moderation. And make sure never to drink the day before a big event if you want your skin to look good!

Have you ever tried…?

Jojoba Oil – The oil of the Gods, Jojoba Oil is one of the best natural treatments for eczema and psoriasis. Jojoba Oil is derived from a plant that is native to southern Arizona, southern California and parts of north western Mexico. The oil is added to a variety of skin and hair treatments for its natural moisturizing and healing qualities. Jojoba Oil is available in both refined and unrefined products. The unrefined oil will be liquid at room temperature and smell faintly of fat. The refined Jojoba oil is odourless and colourless. Its waxy substance mimics sebum. High in vitamin E, protein, minerals and EFA’s. Regulates sebum production. It is also a natural cleanser for make up removal

Thought of the Month….

……that it is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

Napoleon Hill said that, and he was right. Nothing ensures success like ensuring another’s success. And there is someone who is looking for your help and your support today.

Lift that person up, give that person credit, do whatever you can to help that person be a success.

And always remember: What goes around comes around.

Neale Donald Walsch

What’s on…

Come along and sample therapies at Pamper Events, monthly on the last Saturday of the month at Freemantle Hall Bexley Village our termly events are held at All Saints Church Hall Bercta Road SE9  the next event is Thursday 21st June 2012 for more information visit

The monthly Meditation group held on the first Wednesday of the month at 8pm. This has proved popular and the Wednesday group is still doing well, I still do not have enough to start a new group on the second Tuesday evening of the month at 8pm. If you are interested please contact me for more information and to book your place, for more information look on my website.

If you’d like to book an appointment for any of the therapies, please give me a call.

Best wishes,

Rosemary Thomas

Soul Essence