Newsletter 22


Soul Essence is pleased to bring you Your Monthly Wellbeing Words…

Did you know…?

Dehumidifiers Reduce Dust Mites. Are you allergic to dust and cannot figure out how to eliminate it from the home? A dehumidifier can do the job. Dust mites cannot live below 45% humidity. So, running a dehumidifier set at 40% will begin to eliminate dust mites from the home. Another top tip is before starting the machine for the first time, vacuum all the carpets and upholstery in the house and change all bed linens. These are prime sources of dust mites and the linens can trap moisture.

Have you ever tried…?
Apples to Decrease Respiratory Problems. Apples are a wonderful source of flavonoids. Flavonoids are like vitamins for the lungs. Eating just one apple, a couple of times a week can reduce the chances of coming down with a respiratory cold by up to 32%. Apple cider has more than two times the flavonoids of apple juice, so sip and enjoy.

Thought of the Month….

..that if you become ruffled with every comment that you consider a ‘slight,’ you will never find peace.

Nor will you find it by always separating yourself from those who ruffle you. You can only end so many friendships before you find yourself very much alone.

You can keep making new friends, of course, but sooner or later they will ruffle you — and then what?

Perhaps the better course might be to let the ruffle go. People rarely mean it when they do that, and a touch of gentle tolerance and easy forgiveness every day is even better than an apple…

Neale Donald Walsch

What’s on…

Come along and sample therapies at Pamper Events, monthly on the last Saturday of the month at Freemantle Hall Bexley Village, for more information on the various events visit if you are on Facebook or
Our termly Pamper events are held at All Saints Church Hall Bercta Road SE9 the next event is Thursday 14th March 2013 for more information visit

The monthly Meditation group held on the first Wednesday of the month at 8pm. This has proved popular and the group now has a core of regulars, we have now moved to the savage room at All Saints Church Hall Bercta Road New Eltham SE9 so more people will be able to join. If you are interested please contact me for more information and to book your place, for more information look on my website.

If you’d like to book an appointment for any of the therapies, please give me a call.

I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Best wishes,
Rosemary Thomas

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