Newsletter 25

newsletterSoul Essence is pleased to bring you Your Monthly Wellbeing Words… 

Did you know…?

Your makeup will last longer and will look much better if you apply it when your skin is slightly moist. If you apply foundation to dry skin, it will not smooth out well, nor will it blend well. Dry patches of skin disrupt your blending and give you those funny blotchy patches. If you spritz lightly with water then gently pat dry with a tissue you should have the perfect base to apply makeup over.

That said; make sure to give your face a few minutes in between applying your moisturiser and your foundation. Most moisturisers are designed to soak deep into your skin to really nourish the bottom layers of your skin. If you apply your foundation directly after this, it will get drawn deeply into your skin with the moisturiser. This is obviously not good! Your foundation will literally ‘disappear’ and your pores will end up clogged!

The best thing to do is:

1. Cleanse

2. Apply your normal treatment and moisturisers

3. Wait 5-10 minutes for these to soak in

4. Lightly mist your face with water and pat dry with a tissue

5. Apply your foundation

6. Enjoy fabulous makeup!

Have you ever tried…?

Vaseline – When it comes to dealing with the labours of foot work, the cracked heel has to be the most disconcerting. No pedicure or beautiful sandal can make up for that dried skin on the back of your foot. In order to treat cracked heels quickly and easily, many doctors recommend old fashioned Vaseline. Applying Vaseline to the foot before bed and covering with a sock will allow the petroleum jelly time to soak into the cracks of the foot. Over a few short days, you will see a substantial change in the way your foot looks and feels.

Thought of the Month….

…that you must be good to yourself if you are ever going to be any good for others. 

This means take a day off once in a while when it’s not scheduled.  Eat of piece of chocolate when it’s not recommended.  Take a nap when it’s just not possible. Get your face into a good book for an hour when you can’t afford to. Soak in a tub when there’s no time to. Stop everything when you’re not supposed to. Do this now, right now.

Neale Donald Walsch

What’s on…

Come along and sample therapies at Pamper Events, monthly on the last Saturday of the month at Freemantle Hall Bexley Village, for more information on the various events visit if you are on Facebook  or

Our termly events are held at All Saints Church Hall Bercta Road SE9  the next event is Thursday 20th June  2013 for more information visit

The monthly Meditation group held on the first Wednesday of the month at 8pm. This has proved popular and the group now has a core of regulars, in the new year we will be moving to the savage room at All Saints Church Hall so more people will be able to join. If you are interested please contact me for more information and to book your place, for more information look on my website.

If you’d like to book an appointment for any of the therapies, please give me a call.

Rosemary Thomas

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