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Soul Essence

Welcome to Soul Essence in New Eltham serving South East London and North Kent area. I offer a variety of alternative therapies to help you relax, deal with pain, stress, depression, panic attacks, anxiety and addictions. Or you may just want some pampering to help increase your vitality.

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Come and enjoy a Chakra Balance treatment in April for less than half price! A full 30 minute treatment for £10.

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Chakra Balancing

We have seven main energy centres called chakras which are positioned in line down the centre of our bodies, each chakra  vibrates at different speed. In most people most of the time there are imbalances between the front and rear aspect of each chakra and between the seven main chakras. An imbalance means that there is more energy moving through one part than another. Read more…



Soul Essence runs a monthly meditation group on the first Wednesday meditatingof the month. Our next event is 6th May 2015. Space is limited; please contact me if you are interested in joining us.  Savage Room All Saints Church Hall SE9 3TZ.  There will also be a meditation workshop being run in the next couple of months. This will start at 10 am and finish at 16:30. Date to be finalised. Please let me know if you are interested. Because this is my first workshop the cost will be an introductory price of £40. Future workshops will cost £60. I plan on running the meditation workshop every two to three months, with other workshops in between.

Pamper Events

Soul Essence organises Pamper Days and Evenings where you can have mini/taster sessions for 20 or 30 minutes, costing between £10 and £15.

We hold fundraising events in New Eltham, All Saints Church Hall, Bercta Road SE9 3TZ, 3 times a year in March, June and November on a Thursday night. 2015 dates are 12th Mar, 11th Jun, and 27th Nov. admission is free and they start at 6:30 pm until 10 pm visit our  website

We also organise a monthly event on the first Saturday, again admission is free, at the Temple URC, St Mary Cray High Street, Orpington Kent BR5 4AX.  First appointment 10:30 am last appointment 3 pm. Contact or visit  for more information and details of our Pamper Package, 3 treatments at the same event for £30.

Can be shared between friends and family. We are extending the offer to all events. Voucher valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


Our Chakras absorb energy from the environment, our thoughts and our feelings. Negative energy over time can affect the Chakras which in turn can affect our health.

It is important to keep our Chakras balanced to help deal with the negative influences in our lives which may sometimes be hard to avoid. However changing our feelings from negative to positive can help protect ourselves from negative energy in the environment.

Chakras are both complex and fascinating. The root chakra is often thought of as providing energy to other chakras, so if it’s blocked or unbalanced, your other chakras are likely to be as well. Just like a building, making sure that your chakras have a firm foundation—with a balanced root chakra—is crucial to having a healthy, open chakra system. Begin to feel confident, stable and physically alive as you tap into your own renewable energy via a balanced root chakra.

Although there are hundreds of chakras spinning ideally in a clockwise direction, there are seven major ones, attracting healthy energy for us to absorb, while at the same time, throwing off negative energy we no longer need. The healthier the chakra, the more energy we attract. The more energy we attract and hold on to, the healthier and stronger and happier we can be. A healthy chakra is one that is spinning rapidly in a clockwise direction, with no blocks to stop the flow of the Chi or Prana (Universal Energy or Life Force) that we need to live. Chakras, however are not always healthy, and for the most part are forever changing. The state of the chakras depends on many different factors, such as lifestyle, thought patterns, emotional history and past life history as well. As one moves through life and its experiences, the chakras are absorbing the effects.

Chakra balancing addresses both the body and spirit. On a physical level, clearing the chakras heal the physical body by releasing stored blocks accumulated through a lifetime of traumas and negative experiences. Once these blocks are gone, the body can return to its original natural state of perfect health and the results will be readily noticed.


NEXT MONTH ………. Look out for the article on Inner Child Healing and our June Offer

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