12 Christmas Meditations

Soul Essence has written 12 short meditations around Christmas themes, they are all approximately ten minutes. You can access these meditations by signing up via this link to receive one each day by email. If not you can sign up each day on Facebook from 1st December 2020.

The beginning of all these meditations is the same, to help you focus on your body and relax. You will then be taken on a journey to help you in your life.

  • Day One is focussed around “Family”
  • Day Two is going on a “Journey with Santa”
  • Day Three is playing in the snow with “Snowmen”
  • Day Four is connecting with “Trees for Energy”
  • Day Five the “Bell are Ringing”
  • Day Six connecting with nature through “Robins Singing”
  • Day Seven connecting to the seven Archangels, “Angels Caring”
  • Day Eight “Signs of Love”
  • Day Nine meditating with candles, “Candles Burning”
  • Day Ten finding hope, “Gifts of Hope”
  • Day Eleven meditating with elves, “Elves Preparing”
  • Day Twelve having gratitude, “Acts of Gratitude”
Lady Relaxing
Meditating in Nature

When meditating, you do not need to sit in the lotus position. It is more important to be comfortable. I do not suggest lying down as more often than not you will fall asleep. However, if you are meditation to help you sleep this would be an obvious choice. Sitting in a chair with your back supported is ideal providing you are comfortable. If the floor on a cushion is your comfortable position, by all means, do this. Practise meditation where you will not be disturbed.

Soul Essence has been running meditation groups since 2011 before lockdown these were small face to face groups. I started using Zoom in April 2020 and will continue to run an online group even once we can go back face to face meetings.

I hope you enjoy these Christmas meditations as an introduction to meditation and found them relaxing at this busy time of year.

If you need any further information about meditation, how it can help you, you are interested in going deeper, would like to know if it can help an illness you are currently experiencing or would like to join our fortnightly online group on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm, email me at rosemary@soul-essence.com