Chakra Balancing

By Soul Essence New Eltham

£35 a session

We have seven main energy centres called chakras, which vibrate at different speeds.

In most people most of the time there are imbalances between the front and rear aspect of each chakra and between the seven main chakras. An imbalance means that there is more energy moving through one part than another. This creates an unbalanced personality and physical body. Often when one aspect is tense, contracted or shut down then the energy will try to flow in a vicarious way.

So for instance, if someone is scared of showing their loving feelings so that the front of their heart chakra is contracted, then the rear aspect will overcompensate by expanding, such that they become overly willful.

So this technique is to help create balance, even out energy flow and improve ‘communication’ between the different aspects of ourselves

I offer  30 minute chakra balancing sessions, these can be very informative by letting you know which of your energy centres are out of balance.

A chakra balance healing is often done as part of an energy healing session as well as on its own.

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