Soul Essence Testimonials

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I have been to several mediation sessions with Rosemary and they have really helped me learn to relax and most importantly helped me with my sleeping problems. Thoroughly recommend the services of Soul Essence. (Paula Aug 19)

After several massage sessions with Rosemary, I shared my concern about a chronic painful shoulder joint. Following a short healing session, the pain was greatly reduced and continues to be for more than three weeks. (J Oct 18)

Rosemary is very knowledgeable and has a pleasant manner making customers at ease and feel like they are important. The facial I received was wonderful and relaxing. (Tracy Sept 18)

Rosemary makes you feel so relaxed during and after the session. I felt really upbeat after my treatment, I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling down. (Johnny Sept 18)

Rosemary has helped me so much to deal with things in my life that I wasn’t able to before. She has a special gift in the healing that she does and the relaxation techniques that you can practise when you’re not with her as well. I can highly recommend her. (Linda Aug 18)