Integral Core Therapy (ICT)

By Soul Essence New Eltham

This particular approach to self-realisation and psychological integration is the work of Amadis Cammell. It is a unique approach to spiritual and personal development with a distinct synthesis of principles, practices, framework, and vision.

 What is Integral Core Therapy?

ICT is a synthesis of psychological, therapeutic and transpersonal disciplines that facilitates integral personal healing and self-realisation. We work as Body Centred Humanistic Psychotherapists. Soul Essence offers ICT in one-to-one sessions and workshops.


There are several reasons to have ICT:
To access the loving awareness which exists within your core self and helps resolve childhood issues.
To find meaning and purpose in your life
To deal with life’s daily challenges
To provide integral healing and vision for individuals and communities
To connect with yourself and others in a heart-centred way
To support the spiritual and social paradigm shift in society

The primary intention is to access your core self which is the source of healing, wisdom, strength, and compassion. As your therapist-facilitator, I can support you whilst you are working to resolve childhood issues and to access your inner resources. The actual healer, mentor, and guide is your own integral core self.


This way of working is a collaboration between you as a client and the facilitator, rather than the interaction between an expert and a patient. The so-called ‘contract’ in the individual sessions, groups sessions and workshops is to a mutual engagement and aim to:

– Explore your vision and purpose for your life.
– Commit to your psychological process of healing.
– Trust your personal-spiritual unfoldment.
– Be open to hear and accept your inner child.
– Validate your journey whatever it looks like.
– Encourage inner sincerity and integrity.
– Allow your naturalness to emerge.
– Honour your own and others’ boundaries.
– Take care of the needs of your inner child.
– Love yourself as you are and for who you are.
– Surrender to your spiritual guidance.
– Integrate with your core self.

These aims are made possible by a mutual commitment to:

– Work with the principles of Integral Core Therapy
– Agree to its frame and practices.
– Accept its ethics in individual and group settings, such as non-violence, respect, and confidentiality.
– Acknowledge that what you or others bring to the therapeutic relationship and/or group dynamics make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.
– Set clear agreements for attendance and payment.


These are both engendered and relied upon to facilitate real change.

Direct experience


Integral psychological therapy which provides:
emotional healing, personal integrity, embodied identity, relational empathy, psychological awareness, resilience to emotional distress, acceptance of the past, tolerance of human flaws, cultivation of self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Integral embodied spirituality which provides the capacity to: accept the human condition for what it is, face life and embrace its lows as well as highs, use your suffering as a catalyst for greater compassion and self-awareness develop a vital inner and meaningful outer life recognise your soul and have a deep intimacy with spirit trust in existence and surrender to your love appreciate all that makes life sweet and beautiful.

ICT also works to create and support community-based on relational, psychological, alchemical and spiritual ways of working. Simply put, it promotes a realisation of who you are and what you can be in relation to others.

If you are interested in attending workshops, email me and I will let you know when I am running the next workshop