Our vision is to help people improve their life, health, confidence and self-esteem

Welcome to Soul Essence in New Eltham,(gmap) serving South East London and North Kent area.  I offer a variety of holistic and alternative therapies, which are natural or spiritual.  Individually they can help with relaxation, pain, anxiety,  self-esteem and various health issues.

I also offer Spiritual Guidance plans for you to work with me to improve your life through spiritual guidance. This helps you in areas of your life where you feel unfulfilled, stuck, or experiencing self-doubt. I will see people for single hour sessions too.

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As well as the therapies and the spiritual guidance,  Soul Essence attends PAMPER EVENTS offering mini treatments and PARTIES or group sessions in peoples homes

Spiritual Therapies

Meditation                   Energy healing

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Natural Therapies

Ear Candling      Seated acupressure massage      NLFM       Natural Face Treatment

Regular Pamper Events

Monthly Event, 1st Saturday of each month. 10:30 – 2.30 pm at The Temple, St Mary Cray, BR5 4AX. More information                             
Termly Events, to raise funds for 3rd New Eltham Guides, held on a Thursday evening in March, June and November.  6:30 pm to 10 pm at All Saints Church Hall, Bercta Road, SE9 3TZ. 2019 dates: 14th March, 13th June and 21st November.   More information


Pamper parties held at people’s homes, for between 4 and 6 friends, your friends can enjoy mini treatments in the comfort of your home. More information    

Meditation parties are a new venture, I will come to your home and run a guided meditation for a group of friends for approximately an hour. More information. 


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