How Mindfulness and Meditation can Help your Anxiety.

Anxiety can drain you mentally and energetically. However, research has proven meditation and mindfulness can reduce your anxiety.

Mindfulness and meditation can be done in the comfort of your home with little equipment. You can use mindfulness throughout the day. When you are making a drink, really listen to the water being poured into the cup, and the smell of the coffee or tea, the same when you are making dinner. Whatever you are doing, try to come out of autopilot mode.

Your Intention.

Start the day by setting your intention. Your intention can be repeated as an affirmation or written down in your journal. You can even write it on a post-it and put it somewhere you will see it regularly.

Your intentions can be; I look for the positives in negative situations. I accept myself and know I am enough, I will drink enough water today, I will do my best to achieve my goals. Make it something relevant to what causes your anxiety.

Meditate or Practise Mindfulness Each Day.

You can use an app for meditation, there are several free ones available, or you can just listen to meditation music or focus on your breathing. There are many classes if you need some help or inspiration to meditate. Soul Essence runs a fortnightly Tuesday evening meditation group online via zoom. Face to face meditation started in February 2022 once a month.

Do Something Creative.

There are many adult colouring books available now. Colouring can be very relaxing, as can plain doodling. You can make some lovely patterns of doodling. I am sure many of you have done this during a boring meeting. This could be helpful if you are at home alone and find it difficult to switch off and need something to do with your hands.

Doing a Walking Meditation.

Go for a walk and really focus on the nature around you, if you are in a town, try and find a park. Walking around the block in a town is good too, but keep your focus on what you can hear, smell, and feel. We need to keep our minds in the present on what our senses are picking up.


When you are walking home, or doing things outdoors, take some deep breaths into your belly, look up to the sky, whether it is light or dark, and notice the clouds floating by or the stars shining. Focusing on our breath helps us to relax and become calm. Take our attention away from our anxiety and problems.

Social Media

Social Media can be helpful when used for the right reasons. It can also be one of the main causes of anxiety and stress. The more platforms you use, the more you are likely to create stress and anxiety. Set yourself a limit on social media platforms. Either use one of the apps that monitor your time on social media or log out each time. Having to put your password in each time will make you think about why I am logging in. You will realise how much you go on these platforms without thinking and taking in other people’s negativity.