How finding out I was deaf in one ear affected my primary education.

When I was about three, my mum noticed I was often shouting when I talked, and she asked me to speak quietly. After a few weeks of my behaviour not changing and me being unaware I was talking loudly, she asked for a doctor’s advice. After various tests and my ears being syringe, the doctors were sure I was deaf in one ear; it was confirmed when I started school two years later. I had regular hearing tests, and there was always nothing they could do.

The diagnosis meant I had to sit at the front of the class and not with any friends I had made, which I always resented. Not always hearing what people said, or words, or topics correctly, people often thought I was rude because I did not reply or said something irrelevant. The one game I dreaded was “Chinese Whispers”, children would not let me turn my head for them to speak in my other ear, often the teachers also stopped me turning my head too. Of course, I had to make up something that had nothing to do with the original “whisper” being passed around the circle. During my first three years in infant school, I felt alone and made few friends. The scars on my hand from the scald were still quite noticeable, and some children found them offensive too.

Progressing up to the juniors was a little better. I was able to explain more about the deafness and scars on my hands. However, I still struggled to be part of a group, and I had no close friends. To try and gain friends, I would give away my things, do what others wanted, I had become a people pleaser, at home and school.

At the age of eight, I was able to join the local Brownies. Here I was able to be myself, have friends, build my confidence, and get support from the leaders.

The deafness was still strengthening the original abandonment issue caused by the scald.

It seemed “abandonment” would be an issue I was going to need to heal in my life. The energy healing training certainly went along way to heal this issue.

If you have had childhood traumas, mild or severe, energy healing can help you. Email Rosemary to find out more about how it can help.

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