Human Energy Field – Causal Body


This is part VII in a series of posts about the human energy field which begin here, see the first post for some background on the human energy field, or my previous post here

The Causal Body is a golden grid of pulsating energy, the level of the Ascended Masters.  Acceptance and surrender to the inherent wisdom in all that happens. The small self wants it to happen in a certain way, wants life to fit in with the ego-centred idea of what is best; this becomes our suffering when life does not support that. E.g. a marriage breaking up, may be for the highest good of all concerned, yet it may be painful and impossible to see that it’s for the best when it is happening.

Here we can sense/see the bigger picture; that there is a certain divine orchestration to everything that happens. A healthy causal level would trust everything that happens and be open to the wisdom that is contained within it.

Total acceptance is not: ‘there is something wrong with this here now, I must change it and fix it, make it different’. Surrender is:  I am open to understanding this I trust that this needs to happen right now.

This is where we rest in being, knowing our true nature and feeling our connectedness to existence. We feel ourselves to be an integral, perfect part of the divine symphony. We surrender to the mystery of it all. The question “why am I here?” disappears and we are left knowing in wonder.

Information has been taken from the School of Energy Healing course material.

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