Human Energy Field – Etheric Body

hef-pictureI would like to explain in greater detail the seven levels / subtle bodies of the Aura dimension of the energy field. This will be a series of posts. My previous post on the Human Energy Field (HEF) gave brief information on the various dimensions of the HEF.

We are not just our physical body. We have an emotional body, a mental body, and an astral body, which contains all our past experience, even past lives. We have subtle bodies of higher frequencies which correspond to pure divine expressions of universal will, love and wisdom. We are a complex combination of the personal and totally impersonal/divine. We have a personal history, the story of me and a true nature that is beyond our history, was never born and will never die. The infinite self and the small self.
People have their comfort zones, where they invest more energy, e.g. emotional people, are more fluid, touchy, go out of boundaries; mental people can be more intellectual – felt as dry in comparison , rigid, contained. Through energy healing you can begin to access the other levels, e.g. someone very mental can begin to feel more, someone very emotional can experience more containment.

The Etheric Body (this is sometimes known as the physical level) is what we call a structured level. This body holds the blueprint /creative matrix of the physical body. ‘Vibrational Medicine’ by Richard Gerber, described experiments by a Korean acupuncturist Dr. Kim who did experiments on rabbit and chick embryos which showed fine lines of structure forming within hours of fertilisation, i.e. before the organs had formed. These lines were not related to the blood network, i.e. they were not veins, and they were an energetic holding pattern. Also, he detected an energy axis that precedes the spine in the unfertilised egg of salamanders which showed that an energetic potential has to exist for physical manifestation to take place.
Every organ, bone, limb, tissue, etc. Has an energetic structure around it, holding and permeating it.
The phantom limb effect is another example of the etheric body. Even when the limb has been removed, sensation can be felt as if the toes were still there, like itching.
The etheric body functions as an energetic map, carrying information that guides the cellular growth. In embryo development, the DNA gives the genetic coding which supplies the cells the information they need for the job they have to do. The grid intelligence of the etheric body tells them where to go. When the physical body has developed, and there is injury or illness we work with this level and level 5 to help repair the body.
We are light conductors. The energetic grid is a network for energetic communication from Source (sometimes referred to as God, Universe, Divine). Reasons for interplay between structure and fluid levels, works in the same way that water conducts electricity and holds memory, the HEF is a conductor, but what is held in the memory can block the transmission from source, thus inhibit the truest expression and greatest potential of our divine being. We get stuck in self-repeating, self-creating patterns, the story of me.
Grid work healing is for restructuring and charging the HEF when the field is damaged or depleted, and is not a good conductor of life force.
The etheric/ physical body contain the meridian lines and acupuncture points which create a structured web of energy that helps to maintain the health of our physical body. This level can be weakened by various factors including: electromagnetic pollution, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors and karmic patterning in the astral body

Information has been taken from the School of Energy Healing course material.

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