Core Realisation

I completed year two of a five year practitioner Core Realisation course last November with Amadis  Cammell.

Core  Realisation is a relational integral therapy as well as a spiritual facilitation modality.

Relational Integral Therapy (RIT) is the therapeutic application of Core Realisation. It unites practical transpersonal alchemy, spiritual psychology and body-oriented humanistic therapy.  RIT works to remedy the detrimental effects of our conditioning on our body defenses, ego structures and soul fixations. We need to identify how our upbringing compelled us to disconnect from our self, others and life as a whole. It also facilitates ways to access our integral essential spiritual nature and Core Self; we then may realise who we truly are and learn to live from our heart.

RIT is therapeutic as it focuses on healing our inner child, adult personality and soul; relational as it opens us to the “other”; and integral as it connects us to what is essential for wholeness.

There are 3 levels to RIT:

Energetics  work on our soma – the structures, vitality and sentience of our body. This facilitates emotional grounding, psychosomatic healing and embodied spirituality. Energetics comprises oriental energetics and somatic (body oriented) psychology modalities such as Qigong, Deep bodywork, Bioenergetics and core energetics.

Dynamics   work on our psyche and ego – our soul patterns and personal character. This addresses childhood wounds to resolve our personal, familial and communal relationships. Dynamics comprises relational humanistic psychology  therapies and core-centred modalities, such as Energetic Integration, Healing Theatre, and Alchemy of Transformation.

Resources  work with our core – the spiritual, essential and authentic nature of our Self. The premise is that the love, energy, essence and consciousness of our supernal being are the source of all healing meaning and purpose. Resources is born out of spiritual philosophies and practices in the Gnostic, Christic< Sufic, Buddhic and Daoistic traditions; as well as contemporary transpersonal systems such as Chan, Internal Alchemy, Pathwork and Diamond Logos.


Transpersonal – extending beyond or transcending the personal

Alchemy – finding the elixir of life

Soma – The body of an individual as contrasted with the mind or psyche.


Relationship Cord Healing

The purpose of relationship cord healing is to clear the unresolved past emotions and false beliefs that exist within a relationship such that, the transference of the past can be put aside and we can exist in the present with acceptance, love and mutual support of individual truth.

We have many relationships in our lives, therefore there are cords between your soul, past life experiences, genetic parents, parental relationships and our relationships with others, all these produce energetic cords between the people concerned, the longer the relationship or more intimate the stronger the cord, this is the case whether the relationship was loving or painful. Through these cords we send positive or negative energy. When a relationship ends, if these cords are not healed or sometimes they are energetically cut, negative or positive energy is still sent between those involved, this makes it harder to end the relationship.

Our first relationship is with our Mother, which becomes our foundation of our reality and then the influence of our Father and siblings etc. This sets up the way we will be in a relationship with others as adults. We fall into unconscious patterns when making adult relationships. To heal these patterns we have to go back to our formative relationships with our families i.e. Mother, Father and siblings. When we heal an issue in a formative time it heals all issues around that. When we have healing around relationships, the other partner gets healed as well.

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Information has been taken from the School of Energy Healing course material.

Inner Child

girl-snowWe all have, within us, an Inner Child, and yet for those of us who have been abused, neglected or bullied in childhood, that inner child is very often a hurt, lonely and a very frightened inner child.
It is our images of the past that have a major effect on our lives. With a trained energy healer you can clear some of these images and re-parent or reclaim that wounded child,  and uncover any conscious or unconscious mythology of ourselves and begin to re-evaluate and transform it. Linear time does not apply when we work internally and with the unconscious. It is possible to bring our present wise and loving self, to meet and help our young Inner Child and offer comfort and support and find a new joy and energy in living. Inner Child healings can have amazing results.
By bringing to consciousness the feelings of our wounded inner child we can realise how we react from our subconscious in situations. But once we know why we react in situations, we can make a conscious decision to come from love and react in a more loving way.
Through guidance,  understanding and love we can learn to know how to form healthy and loving relationships by learning to love ourselves primarily. Because we have dysfunctional relationships internally, we have dysfunctional relationships externally. Loving ourselves is about unconditional love which means no judgement and no shame.

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