Inner Child

girl-snowWe all have, within us, an Inner Child, and yet for those of us who have been abused, neglected or bullied in childhood, that inner child is very often a hurt, lonely and a very frightened inner child.
It is our images of the past that have a major effect on our lives. With a trained energy healer you can clear some of these images and re-parent or reclaim that wounded child,  and uncover any conscious or unconscious mythology of ourselves and begin to re-evaluate and transform it. Linear time does not apply when we work internally and with the unconscious. It is possible to bring our present wise and loving self, to meet and help our young Inner Child and offer comfort and support and find a new joy and energy in living. Inner Child healings can have amazing results.
By bringing to consciousness the feelings of our wounded inner child we can realise how we react from our subconscious in situations. But once we know why we react in situations, we can make a conscious decision to come from love and react in a more loving way.
Through guidance,  understanding and love we can learn to know how to form healthy and loving relationships by learning to love ourselves primarily. Because we have dysfunctional relationships internally, we have dysfunctional relationships externally. Loving ourselves is about unconditional love which means no judgement and no shame.

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  2. Every time I think about how I was so reckless with my inner child for so long, it makes me burst into tears. It’s so important that we acknowledge this and remember that now we are adults, it is our job to protect that inner child. And it is our essence. It was us before all other factors came into being, our true self before exposure to the world. Before innocence was lost 🙂 Thank you for your blog. It is very insightful. I will be checking back with you!

  3. the energy healer

    Thanks for your comments, it is great to feel and be in essence.
    Love and blessings to you. Rosemary

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