Short Cleansing Diet

istock_000003263969xsmallYour body benefits from a detox once or twice a year, should you want give it a try, here is a quick and easy diet. The aims of a detox are to reduce the workload of the digestive system, allowing it to perform more efficiently, and to stimulate the parts of the body responsible for cleansing and elimination. 

To gain the real benefit from this cleansing diet it must be adhered to for at least 10-14 days.
We recommend you plan ahead before starting to be able to do the appropriate shopping.
It is also of benefit to work up a mild sweat each day by exercising or sauna.
On the fourth or fifth day (or sooner) some people experience ‘hangover’ type symptoms; this is a normal part of the detoxifying process and will pass in a day or two. If this happens then drink extra water.

50% raw food.
All fruit
All vegetables – lots of greens. Potatoes can be included.
Sprouted pulses and seeds
Millet, Quinoa (the only alkaline grains)
Lots of fun and rest
Herbs, esp. Parsley
Herb teas, barley cup, caro etc.
Fresh fruit and vegetable juice (without sugar)
Superfoods and natural supplements (not synthetic)
Minimum of 4 pints water daily, (preferably filtered or bottled)
All food should be fresh and preferably organic.

All meat and poultry
All dairy produce, including eggs. Soya or rice milk can be substituted
Oils and fats (including margarine) and all food cooked in them.
Nuts and Seeds
Grains including rice, oats and rye.
Wheat in all forms including bread, cake pasta, noodles, cous cous etc.
(check labels on foods as wheat is often added as a thickener)
Sugar, artificial sweeteners (again check labels) RAW honey or molasses can be substituted.
Chocolate. (Fresh or dried fruit makes a satisfying snack)
Worry and Stress
Spices, pepper and vinegar
Salt keep checking those labels.
Coffee, tea and soft drinks.
Alcohol and cigarettes
Food additives like flavouring, colouring and preservatives
Avoid tins, packets, frozen and pre-prepared.
Avoid frying, boiling and microwaves. Steaming, grilling and baking are best.
To get the most out of detoxing you need to look after your mind as well as your body. Well-being depends on maintaining a balance between your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health, if this balance is upset it disrupts your body’s harmony and leads to ill health.
Meditation, massage and relaxing therapies which help remove toxins all help with a detox programme. Soul Essence offers several therapies to help you relax, de-stress and remove toxins from your body.