Why we Need to Drink Water

Water is the substance of life and without it life cannot be sustained. We are comprised of approximately 80% water, which makes us very reliant on clean structured water for our health and well being. An adult can survive 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without clean water.

Thirst is not a reliable indication of our hydration level, the colour of urine is a much better indication. The clearer and lighter the colour of the urine the more hydrated you are, the darker the colour the more dehydrated you are. See chart below as a very rough guide


Body has plenty of fluids



Body has adequate fluids

Light yellow


Body is low on water.

Dark yellow


Sugary soft drinks, carbonated water, tea, coffee and alcohol, steal tremendous amounts of water from our body and cause us to become dehydrated. Even beverages such as milk, vegetable and fruit juice require water to be properly digested.

Imagine how the quality and type of food impacts on our levels of hydration. High sodium, spicy foods, or too much meat and wheat products are difficult to digest and need large amounts of water to be processed in our body.

Water plays a vital role in nearly every bodily function, including digestion, nutrient absorption and chemical reactions. We need water to sustain proper circulation and flexibility of our blood vessels. Water helps remove toxins, also known as acidic waste from the body and in particular the digestive tract. Our body’s temperature is regulated by our hydration. Imagine a car running on an empty radiator.

When we are dehydrated it could be said we are in a state of “survival”. The brain signals to the rest of the organs that there is not enough water to go round, and as the brain is the centre point of all physical functions it takes priority, which leaves the rest of our organs in emergency. Emotionally this can produce fear and anxiety.

Constant failure to drink enough water can lead to chronic cellular dehydration, which leaves the cells of the body weakened and vulnerable to disease. The cells become brittle and fragile which impacts our immune system and leads to chemical, nutritional and PH imbalances.

Dehydration can occur anytime of the year including winter months when indoor heating systems can dehydrate our cells more easily than in the hot summer months.

You should drink half your weight in ounces of water every day to provide your body with its minimum water replacement requirements, as long as you are reasonably fit. Otherwise begin by sipping water and gradually build up. “Chewing” your water before you swallow, helps the body to absorb it more easily, as the enzymes in your saliva break water down, making it more accessible to your system.

Work out your weight in pounds and divide by 2 (i.e. 140lbs / 2 = 70, you would need 70 fluid ounces of water. 20 fluid ounces = 1pint. 50cl = approximately 17 fluid ounces). This is only a guide to how much water you should drink each day. If you are very active obviously your intake needs to be increased. If you have any kidney or heart problems seek advice from your doctor before increasing your water intake.

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