How becoming a parent helped me heal my suppressed energy and emotional conflicts

When I got into my early 20’s I wanted to get married and have a family. I had been with someone for almost two years. I was overjoyed when he asked me to marry him. We waited a couple of years before having children. We were lucky I had no problems conceiving and gave birth to three healthy boys during four and a half years.

Having children mirrored so many of the emotional conflicts I was masking and suppressing. I wanted my children to be independent like me, and they were encouraged to be self reliant. I always said they would fit round my life (control) not me fit round theirs. However, the control became part of normal life, I struggled with emotional intimacy, the relationship between myself and my partner was hard as we focussed only on the children and their needs. Never giving ourselves time together. Once our children began leaving for university, we realised we had nothing in common and both had traumas to heal.

At 42 I realised there was more to life, and I began looking for a way to heal my traumas. In 2004 I found the School of Energy Healing now the Foundation of Integrated Energy Healing. During my training to become an energy healer I was able to heal some of my trauma. Learning how to let go of this control was very enlightening. Working with others to help them recover from their suppressed emotions has also taught me so much more about myself.

Do not wait for 20 plus years like me to heal your childhood traumas, heal them now!

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My Soul Journey – How being scalded at 18 months shut my feelings down.

Here is part two of my journey.

I was born into a loving family; although a little chaotic, there was no routine. My father did shift work, and my mother was always distracted, instead of getting dinner and doing any housework etc. My sister and I were often late for school and other activities, rushing in at the last minute.

When I was eighteen months, my father was looking after me, while my mother took my sister to a party. However, he left me in the kitchen while he went to the bathroom. While he was upstairs, I climbed onto a chair to try and pour a cup of tea from the pot he had just made. I was severely scalded and taken to the hospital.

I was placed in a cast; it was important I did not move, cracking the cast letting air in, would have left more scaring. Neither of my parents were allowed to stay with me at the hospital. I, therefore, did not settle, and my mother was called back that night to try and get me to sleep. I am told she sang me to sleep. I woke the next morning crying with no one I knew around. Over the three weeks, I was in the hospital, my parents visited each day and left at the end of visiting time. The picture above is ten days after the original scald injury after I had had the cast removed, and my parents were allowed to pick me up.

Being in pain and left alone with people I did not know at such a young age, I felt abandoned and insecure. Abandonment in my formative years resulted in me clinging to security, relationships, and routines. I did not trust life and possibly people; therefore, I feared change. This sense of abandonment undermines the trust I needed to develop a sense of security, hope and confidence in my life.

When I started the Energy Healing training, I had no idea how this childhood accident had caused me to feel abandoned as an infant and had affected my whole life. By working through these feelings, I was able to feel more open and secure.

If you have had childhood traumas, mild or severe, energy healing can help you. Email Rosemary to find out more about how it can help.

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How Trapped Emotions Cause Distress, Pain, and Muscle Tension in our Bodies.

Many of us carry repressed and trapped energy or emotions within the cells of our bodies, and we are completely unaware of them. We journey through life, oblivious to the blocked energy our cells and muscles are holding. Is this blocked suppressed energy causing your health condition and suffering? Every cell in our body has a memory, not just our brain cells.

The cause of Muscle Tension.

There are four different causes, your conditioning as a child, trauma, psychological tension, and your environment.

From when we are born to approximately seven years old we absorbed everything going on in our environment. A fair amount of our muscle tension is developed at this time and continues into adulthood. One of the unspoken beliefs we were taught as children, so we were acceptable or likable was “only babies cry”, so during our early years we learned to suppress our tears and sadness in order “not to be a baby”.  Many of us were punished for showing anger, therefore as children we thought it was bad to show anger and not taught how to deal with it positively.  All this energy is stuck somewhere in our bodies causing us pain or illness.

Traumatic experiences can range from being smacked to extreme abuse as a child. The trauma may have been deliberate (rape or assault) or accidental (car crash or other accident). These experiences can result in fear, stress and possibly even PTSD if they are not consciously dealt with.  All the anxiety, fear, anger, and grief are stored in your body, becoming muscle tension, and contributing to other illnesses, like fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, mental illnesses, and even cancer.

Psychological tension develops from our perceptions of life and causes anxiety, frustration, sadness, or anger. The more negative, fearful, or fault-finding our perspective is, the more tension we will store.

Our environment and habits also contribute to our muscle tension. Working at a desk all day and not exercising our muscles does not allow any tension to be released. Poor posture, lack of sleep, drug use, unhealthy eating, and environmental pollution tend to increase the likelihood of developing chronic muscle tension.

In Louise Hay’s book Heal your body, she writes about the probable cause of mental thought patterns have on the various parts of the body.

Shoulder Tension = Burden and Responsibilities.

Our shoulders represent our ability to carry out our experiences in life with joy. We make life a burden with our attitude. We have all heard the expression “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders”. Louise’s affirmation is, “I choose to allow all my experiences to be joyous and loving.

Neck Tension = Fear and Repressed Self-Expression.

Our neck represents flexibility. Refusing to see other sides of a question. Stubbornness, inflexibility, and issues with communication. Affirmation “It is with flexibility and ease that I see all sides of an issue. There are endless ways to do things and see things. I am safe”.

Our back represents the support of life.

Upper Back = Grief, Sorrow, and Sadness.

Lack of emotional support, feeling unloved, holding back love.  We store our grief, sorrow, and sadness in this part of our back. Louise’s affirmations “I love and approve of myself, life supports and loves me”.

Middle Back – Insecurity and Powerlessness.

This tension can come from guilt, being stuck in all that stuff back there. “Get off my back”. Feeling unsupported by people. Louise’s affirmation, “I release the past; I am free to move forward with love in my heart”.

Lower Back = Guilt, Shame, and Unworthiness

The tension here can be a lack of acceptance, low self-worth, fear of money, lack of financial support. Feelings of guilt, shame, sexual inadequacy, and trauma. Louise’s affirmation “I trust the process of life; all I need is always taken care of”.

Stomach = Inability to Process Emotions.

Our stomach represents nourishment and digesting ideas and emotions. We hold dread, fear of the new, and possibly have an inability to assimilate the new. Hence the expression “I can’t stomach it”. If you have tension is this area, you may struggle to process negative and positive emotions. Louise’s affirmation “I digest life with ease”, and Life agrees with me; I assimilate the new every moment of every day, all is well.

Buttocks = Anger and Rage

Our buttocks represent power; loose buttocks loss of power. Our suppressed anger and rage are often held in our buttocks. Hence the saying “pain in the bum”. Louise’s affirmation “I use my power wisely, I am strong, I am safe, all is well”.

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What Causes Blocks in our Energy?

Blocks in our energy are caused by past minor or major trauma.

This could be anything from constantly being told you were stupid as a child, or more serious physical or sexual abuse. Your parents may have had trauma or abuse in their childhood, which was never healed and they did not realise they were passing this on to their children.

My Personal Story.

At eighteen months I was scalded with boiling tea. I climbed on to a chair to pour my dad a cup of tea while he went to answer the door.

I was rushed to the hospital and placed in a cast and secured in a cot so I could not move.  Parents in the early sixties were not allowed to stay with their children in hospital. I am told I cried all evening and kept the ward awake; the nurses could not console me. As a last resort they phoned my mum, and she came down at 11pm and sang me to sleep. I woke the next morning with no one I knew around me again, still in the cast unable to move. I was in this cast for five days, and in hospital for three weeks. My mum always told me I was a different child when I came home. At school I struggled to mix with others.

Later in life, my fiancé was supposed to collect me from hospital after an operation. He didn’t turn up, I waited for half an hour, then decided to get public transport back to his house. When I got there, he was still in bed, and he could not see the problem with not coming to collect me. I felt abandoned yet again! Over the next few years of my life, I was always finding myself in situations where I was on my own. Somehow, I knew there was more to life and I needed to clear this issue of feeling and attracting abandonment.

When I started to train as an Energy Healer, I realised how much I had shut myself down, I worked with my healer for the three years of training clearing my blocks, so I could create a happier life for myself and others.

What happened in your childhood?

Are there circumstances in your past which maybe sabotaging your future. Writing a timeline of your life can can highlight times when you were sad or hurt and there was no one there for you. The situations which bring up strong emotions, could be affecting your life now. Are you constantly experiencing the same problems, you may feel stuck in a rut. If any of this feels how your life is at the moment, download my Ebook about healing the The Wounded Inner Child. or email for more information.