How becoming a parent helped me heal my suppressed energy and emotional conflicts

When I got into my early 20’s I wanted to get married and have a family. I had been with someone for almost two years. I was overjoyed when he asked me to marry him. We waited a couple of years before having children. We were lucky I had no problems conceiving and gave birth to three healthy boys during four and a half years.

Having children mirrored so many of the emotional conflicts I was masking and suppressing. I wanted my children to be independent like me, and they were encouraged to be self reliant. I always said they would fit round my life (control) not me fit round theirs. However, the control became part of normal life, I struggled with emotional intimacy, the relationship between myself and my partner was hard as we focussed only on the children and their needs. Never giving ourselves time together. Once our children began leaving for university, we realised we had nothing in common and both had traumas to heal.

At 42 I realised there was more to life, and I began looking for a way to heal my traumas. In 2004 I found the School of Energy Healing now the Foundation of Integrated Energy Healing. During my training to become an energy healer I was able to heal some of my trauma. Learning how to let go of this control was very enlightening. Working with others to help them recover from their suppressed emotions has also taught me so much more about myself.

Do not wait for 20 plus years like me to heal your childhood traumas, heal them now!

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