Throat Chakra – Where it is and what it relates to

Throat Chakra Symbol
Throat Chakra Symbol

Chakras exist on all levels of the human energy field, some as connections between the levels. If functioning well they act as anchors between these levels.
Light energy and love is always trying to get through the vortices.
When we get inspiration this is energy moving.
We should not let emotions, feelings within get suppressed. We should process these feelings and by feeling them, understand and let go.

Common problems are the chakras’ being blocked, excessive (over active) and deficient (under active).
Energy Healing can balance your chakras by channelling colour, light and love to them and restructuring if necessary.

ach chakra has a different psychological aspect I will cover the Throat (Vissudha(purification)) chakra located in the throat, adams apple area, pharyngeal plexus here:-

The Throat chakra spins at a fast speed, and is one of the upper chakras and the colour is sky blue. It is related to speaking your truth, communication and asking for your needs to be met. Your negative thoughts and fears around giving and receiving love and relationship attachments will unbalance or block this chakra

Issues: – Communication – Creativity – Listening – Resonance – Finding one’s own voice.

Developmental Phase: 7 to 12 years

Balanced Characteristics – Resonant voice – Good listener – Good sense of timing and rhythm – Clear communication – Lives creatively.

Traumas and Abuses: Lies mixed messages – Verbal abuse, constant yelling – Excessive criticism (blocks the creativity) – Secrets (threats for telling) – Authoritarian parents, not allowed to talk back – Alcoholic, chemical – dependant family (don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel)

Symptoms of Deficiency – Fear of speaking – Small weak voice – Difficulty putting feelings into words – Introversion, shyness – Tone deaf – Poor rhythm.

Excessive Symptoms – Too much talking, talking as a defense – Inability to listen, poor auditory comprehension – Gossiping – Dominating voice – Interruptions.

You can have deficient and excessive symptoms depending on circumstances.

Glands and Parts of Body Chakra Effects: – Thyroid – Parathyroid – Throat – Ears – Mouth – Shoulders – Neck

Physical Malfunctions – Disorders or the throat, ears, voice, neck – Tightness of the jaw – Toxicity (related to the chakra’s name, which means purification) .

Healing Practices: – Loosen neck and shoulders – Release voice – Singing, chanting, toning – Storytelling – Journal writing – Automatic writing – Practise silence if chakra is in excess – Non goal orientated creativity. Psychotherapy: – Learn communication skills – Complete communications – Letter writing – Inner child communication – Voice dialog.

– I hear and speak the truth
– I express myself with clear intent
– Creativity flows in and through me
– My voice is necessary.

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