Third Eye, Brow Chakra – Where it is and what it relates to

Third Eye Chakra Symbol
Third Eye Chakra Symbol

Chakras exist on all levels of the human energy field, some as connections between the levels. If functioning well they act as anchors between these levels.
Light energy and love is always trying to get through the vortices.
When we get inspiration this is energy moving.
We should not let emotions, feelings within get suppressed. We should process these feelings and by feeling them, understand and let go.

Common problems are the chakras’ being blocked, excessive (over active) and deficient (under active).
Energy Healing can balance your chakras by channelling colour, light and love to them and restructuring if necessary.

Each chakra has a different psychological aspect I will cover the Brow (Ajina(to perceive and command)) chakra located in the forehead, brow, carotid plexus, third eye here:-

The brow, third eye chakra is surrounded by energy and radiates a deep indigo blue colour. Doreen Virtue says “your third eye records a movie of your life, including everything you think, feel and do. It also records all the emotions felt by everyone with whom you come into contact. After you pass on to the other side you will watch this movie during a life review”. The third eye is related to the future, past and beliefs about spirits. Your negative thoughts and fears around the past, future and your spiritual beliefs will unbalance or block this chakra

Issues: – Image – Intuition – Imagination – Visualization – Insight – Dreams – Vision.

Developmental Phase – Adolescence

Balanced Characteristics – Intuitive – Perceptive – Imaginative – Good memory – Good dream recall – Able to think symbolically – Able to visualize.

Traumas and Abuses: – What you see doesn’t go with what you are told – Invalidation of intuition and psychic occurrences – Ugly or frightening environment (war zone violence).

Symptoms of Deficiency – Insensitivity – Poor vision – Poor memory – Difficulty seeing future – Lack of imagination – Difficulty visualizing – Poor dream recall – Denial (can’t see what’s going on) – Monopolarised (one true right and only way)

Excessive Symptoms – Hallucinations – Delusions – Obsessions – Difficulty concentrating – Nightmares.

You can have deficient and excessive symptoms in a chakra depending on circumstances.

Glands and Parts of Body Chakra Effects: – Pineal – Eyes – Base of skull – Brow

Physical Malfunctions: – Headaches – Vision problems

Healing Practices: Create visual art – Visual stimulation – Meditation – Psychotherapy: – Colouring an drawing art therapy – Working with memory – Connecting image with feeling – Hypnosis – Guided visualisations – Past life regression therapy.

– I see all things in clarity
– I am open to the wisdom within
– I can manifest my vision.

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