Human Energy Field – Celestial Body

hef-picture5This is part VI in a series of posts about the human energy field which begin here, see the first post for some background on the human energy field, or my previous post here

The Celestial Body contains clouds of luminescent, translucent, shimmering pastel colours. This is where we contact our Guardian Angel. Through this medium the awesome love, inspiration and intelligence of the angels communicate with us.  Angels are embodiments of divine qualities.

This is like the emotional body that is beyond duality: there is joy without cause, love without cause, hope and faith without cause, strength without cause etc. These are spontaneous arisings of our divine nature, they radiate from our core. Angelic beings can awaken these aspects within us.

Healers holding this level can feel a love which goes beyond the duality of me and you, it is like an awe-inspired gratitude for creation, like the feeling you get when you see a beautiful newborn baby.  Angels exist in constant remembering of the divine so this is all they see and experience; they do not experience our forgetting. When we awaken this body of consciousness, we are inspired by life and feel a love of creation; we see the miracles that are happening around the world.

This is where we find our inspiration and unconditional love for ourselves and others. This consciousness is always available to uplift us, yet sometimes we are surrounded by denser frequencies in the other bodies, which cloud our perception so we don’t notice that the sun is still shining.


Information has been taken from the School of Energy Healing course material.

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