Spiritual Laws – Law of Attachment

There are thirty six or more spiritual laws which offer excellent ways for us to understand life on earth, some of the following text has been taken form Diana Cooper’s fantastic book “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws”. I will briefly explain each law over the coming weeks, if you find this interesting I would encourage you to read Diana’s book.

The Law of Attachment

When you are dependant on something or someone to make feel good or worthy you are attached to them or it. Whenever you become attached to someone or something in this way, it is then possible for you to be manipulated by them or it.

The universe is lots of different energies, like attracts like and some energies repel; but the interaction between the atoms goes on. Some people however, are drawn together from long distances and from one lifetime to another by energetic cords. They are often unaware of the pushing and pulling there is between them emotionally and physically. These energetic cords are formed between people who have unresolved issues between them. Whenever we send thoughts of anger, envy, hurt or jealousy to someone, a tiny thread is manifested and attaches to them. Occasional thoughts will dissolve but consistent negative messages will create a cord or even a rope with the threads. This happens to give our souls a chance to do things differently and grow spiritually.

When we are attached to things, negative energies like greed, pride and envy can send large cords to objects like houses, cars, jobs, or bank accounts. This is why we refer to the trappings of wealth.

A master is detached; he is independent of status, finance, or emotional need. He is free and immensely powerful. God wants you to have a beautiful home, however if you need to live in a beautiful home for security and status, it becomes a trapping. Cords tie you to the home until you change your attitude. A master can enjoy a fabulous home, but if it is taken away it does not affect how he feels about himself.

Attachment is conditional love; a master loves unconditionally and therefore does not form cords. He allows the people he loves to be free and to be themselves. If someone’s love leaves or dies, he mourns but is not devastated. He remains centred.

If you need someone to behave in a certain way to love them, then it is not love it is attachment. Attachment can be dissolved by true love and forgiveness. It can also be released by visualisation and intention. When you forgive someone and let go fully of what has happened in the past. You free yourself and that person.

Quotes from Diana Cooper A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws

“If you wish to be free, detach yourself from everything. It is a prerequisite for enlightenment”.

Understanding these laws can help us create a happy and joyous life, energy healing can also help us to follow these laws to create wealth and prosperity in our lives, by helping to remove anger, negative beliefs etc..

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