Spiritual Laws – The law of Balance and Polarity

There are thirty six or more spiritual laws which offer excellent ways for us to understand life on earth, some of the following text has been taken from Diana Cooper’s fantastic book “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws”. I will briefly explain each law over the coming weeks, if you find this interesting I would encourage you to read Diana’s book. I use Diana’s book when I am low or wanting an answer to a problem I flick through the book and open it at a law, and more often than not that is where I need to focus at that time.

The Law of Balance and Polarity

We all would like to live a balanced life, however for most of us we swing from one polarity to another. Making us feel very unbalanced and un centred.

If we have had lifetimes of riches we will need to experience the opposite poverty. If we become a bully with a lot of hatred and hurt towards others we will need to experience victimhood. We all have unresolved aspects within us and our aim is to integrate the polarities so that we can live in balance. When we have balanced the polarities in our life we can accept and live ourselves and let others be themselves.

Masculine energy is doing, thinking, logical, aggressive, while the feminine energy is being, creating, intuitive, and passive. Our aim is to balance these internally so that we can listen to our intuition and act on it; we can have creative ideas and think them through to fruition. We can rest and play, nurture and protect. If any of these qualities are out of balance we are called on to recentre ourselves and make new life choices.

We are always seeking balance, when we find it the lesson is learnt for all time. Balancing aspects of our personality is similar to riding a bike. When you first learn you fall to one side or the other. Through practise you wobble and gradually ride smoothly. Even if you don’t ride a bike for years, you will be able to get back on and ride easily nothing like the experience when you were first learning. This point of equilibrium is the balance we seek in all things.

Quotes from Diana Cooper’s A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws

“Our aim is to balance all aspects of our lives ”

Understanding these laws can helps us create a happy and joyous life, energy healing  can also help us to follow these laws to create wealth and prosperity in our lives, by helping to remove anger, negative beliefs etc..

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