Crown Chakra – Where it is and what it relates to

Crown Chakra Symbol
Crown Chakra Symbol

Chakras exist on all levels of the human energy field, some as connections between the levels. If functioning well they act as anchors between these levels.
Light energy and love is always trying to get through the vortices.
When we get inspiration this is energy moving.
We should not let emotions, feelings within get suppressed. We should process these feelings and by feeling them, understand and let go.

Common problems are the chakras’ being blocked, excessive (over active) and deficient (under active).
Energy Healing can balance your chakras by channelling colour, light and love to them and restructuring if necessary.

Each chakra has a different psychological aspect I will cover the Crown (Sahasrara(thousandfold)) chakra located in the cerebral cortex here:-

The Crown chakra is the last of the seven major chakras and the colour is violet to white. It is related to God, religion or spirituality, connection to the divine and trust. Your negative thoughts and fears around God, religion, universal source and trusting your intuition, will unbalance or block this chakra

Issues: – Transcendence – Immanence (to remain within the mind) – Belief systems – Higher power – Divinity – Union – Vision.

Developmental Phase: – Early adulthood and after.

Balanced Characteristics: – Ability to perceive, analyze and assimilate information – Intelligent, thoughtful, aware – Open minded, able to question – Spiritually connected – Wisdom and mastery, broad understanding.

Traumas and Abuses: – Withheld information – Education that does not encourage curiosity – Forced religiosity – Invalidation of one’s beliefs – Blind obedience(no rigt to question or think for oneself) – Misinformation, lies – Spiritual abuse.

Symptoms of Deficiency: – Spiritual cynicism – Learning difficulties – Rigid belief systems – Apathy – Excess in lower chakras – Materialism, greed, domination of others.

Excessive Symptoms: – Over intellectualisation – Spiritual addiction – Confusion – Dissociation from body.

You can have deficient and excessive symptoms in a chakra depending on circumstances.

Glands and Parts of Body Chakra Effects: – Pituitary – CNS – Cerebral Cortex

Physical Malfunctions: – Coma – Migraines – Brain tumours – Amnesia – Cognitive delusions.

Healing Practices: – Re-establish physical, emotional connection if chakra is excessive – Re-establish spirit connection if chakra is deficient – Learning and study – Spiritual discipline – Meditation – Psychotherapy: – Examine belief systems – Develop inner witness – Work with higher powers

– Divinity resides within
-I am open to new ideas
– Information I need comes to me
– The world is my teacher
– I am guided by higher power
– I am guided by inner wisdom.

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