Solar Plexus Chakra- Where is it and what does it relate to

Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol

Chakras exist on all levels of the human energy field, some as connections between the levels. If functioning well they act as anchors between these levels.
Light energy and love is always trying to get through the vortices.
When we get inspiration this is energy moving.
We should not let emotions, feelings within get suppressed. We should process these feelings and by feeling them, understand and let go.Common problems are the chakras’ being blocked, excessive (over active) and deficient (under active).
Energy Healing can balance your chakras by channelling colour, light and love to them and restructuring if necessary.

Each chakra has a different psychological aspect I will cover the Solar Plexus (Manipura) chakra located in the naval, solar plexus here:-

The solar plexus chakra spins faster than the root and sacral chakra, the colour is therefore yellow. It is related to your power and control. Your negative thoughts and fears around others trying to overpower you, control you, or a major desire to gain power will unbalance or block this chakra

Issues – Energy – Activity – Autonomy – Individuation – Will – Self-esteem – Proactivity – Power.

Developmental Phase – 18 months to 4 years.

Balanced Characteristics: – Responsible, reliable – Balanced, effective will – Good self-esteem – Balanced ego-strength – Warmth in personality – Confidence – Spontaneity, playfulness, sense of humour – Appropriate self discipline – Sense of one’s personal power – Able to meet challenges.

Traumas and Abuses – Shaming – Authoritarianism – Volatile situations – Domination of will – Physical abuse, dangerous environment, fear of punishment – Enmeshment – age inappropriate responsibilities (parentified child) – inherited shame from parent

Symptoms of Deficiency – Low energy – Weak will, easily manipulated – Poor self discipline and follow through – Low self esteem – Cold, emotionally and or physically – Poor digestion – Collapsed middle – Attraction to stimulants – Victim mentality, blaming of others – Passive – Unreliable.

Excessive Symptoms – Overly aggressive, dominating, controlling – Need to be right, have last word – Manipulative, power hungry, deceitful – Attraction to sedatives – Temper tantrums, violent outbursts – Stubbornness – Driving ambition (Type A personality) – Competitive – Arrogant – Hyperactive.
You can have symptoms in both depending on circumstances.

Glands and Parts of Body Chakra Effects: – Pancreas – Adrenals – Digestive system – Liver – Gall bladder

Physical Malfunctions – Eating disorders – Digestive disorders, ulcers – Hypoglycaemia, diabetes – Muscle spasms, muscular disorders – Chronic fatigue – Hypertension – Disorders of stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver. 

Healing Practices – Risk taking if chakra is deficient – Grounding and emotional contact – Deep relaxation, stress control if chakra is excessive – Vigorous exercise – Martial arts – Sit ups – Psychotherapy: build ego strength; release or contain anger; work on shame issues; strengthen the will; encourage autonomy

Affirmations :
-I honour the power within me
-I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly
-The fire within me burns
-Through all blocks and fears
-I can do whatever I will do.

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13 thoughts on “Solar Plexus Chakra- Where is it and what does it relate to

  1. This is an excellent summary – I hope you’ve done the same for all the chakras. It shows a good understanding of both traditional and more alternative methods of healing and I really appreciate that. Thanks for your work.

  2. Thanks for your comment Catherine. I will be posting on the remaining chakras in the coming days, my aim is to write a post every few days. Through energy healing I work a lot with the chakras and the energy field in general, so I thought it would be good to summarise the different attributes here, glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Heather

    I had my gall bladder removed 20 years ago and would really appreciate if someone could give me some insight on the effects of organ removal on the chakras and maybe suggest to me some options or exercises to make sense of it all. This life has become so lonely and I have begun to feel like a there hope that I might someday know some joy?

  4. Thank you Heather for your question I will try to answer as fully as I can. I will also send an you an email giving some of the more personal issues that may be present.
    The Gall bladder drains substances into the intestinal tract after decomposition in the liver. While the gall bladder does its task in the excreation of poisonious matter, the psychological mirror of this process is purification, the draining of poisonous experiences and and emotions, the excreation of negativity; free digestion and flow of energies and emotions. In a positive sense the gall bladder symbolizes the ability to actively work out experiences, emotions and longings in a powerful, energetic way. The removal of your gall bladder 20 years ago may have been a response to what was emotionally going on in your life at that time. Energy healing can help you access your emotions and release any negativity. Actions you can take to help the joy back in your life are join a chi kung class, have a series of energy healing sessions, do some chakra meditations and read any of the following books Embracing Uncertainty, by Susan Jeffers and Light Up Your Life and A Time for Transformation by Diana Coopers. Hope you find this helpful

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