Spiritual Laws – Law of Clarity

There are thirty six or more spiritual laws which offer excellent ways for us to understand life on earth, some of the following text has been taken from Diana Cooper’s fantastic book “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws”. I will briefly explain each law over the coming weeks, if you find this interesting I would encourage you to read Diana’s book. I use Diana’s book when I am low or wanting an answer to a problem I flick through the book and open it at a law, and more often than not that is where I need to focus at that time.

The Law of Clarity

We need to be perfectly clear what we want, so we are not giving out mixed messages. When we are clear, our messages are picked up with accuracy and everyone including the universe responds to our clear messages.

Activating the law of clarity opens new doors to your future. By making a decision and acting on it is one of the quickest ways to move along your spiritual path. When you have the qualities of clarity (truthfulness, honesty, genuineness, integrity etc) people around you respond to you and want to trust you.

Clear thoughts and intentions help you to draw from the universe that which you request in your life.

Quotes from Diana Cooper’s A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws

“Clarity is the first step to freedom and the achievement of your hearts desire”

Understanding these laws can helps us create a happy and joyous life, energy healing can also help us to follow these laws to create wealth and prosperity in our lives, by helping to remove anger, negative beliefs etc..

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