Spiritual Laws – Law of Abundance

There are thirty-six or more spiritual laws which offer excellent ways for us to understand life on earth, some of the following text has been taken from Diana Cooper’s fantastic book “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws”. I will briefly explain each law over the coming weeks if you find this interesting I would encourage you to read Diana’s book. I use Diana’s book when I am low or wanting an answer to a problem I flick through the book and open it at a law, and more often than not that is where I need to focus at that time.

The Law of Abundance

We are abundant when we are flowing with love, joy, happiness, prosperity, laughter, and any of the other higher qualities and energies I have not mentioned.

The thing that stops us being abundant is our own consciousness. Our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings block the flow of abundance to us. If we always see imperfections in others, we are not opening our hearts to love. Love is flowing all around us all the time; however, it will only flow to those with open hearts.

Success is flowing with life and enjoying all the stages it brings. Abundance flows to those can give and receive. If you have very few friends and would like more be a friend to more people. Release all the beliefs of suspicion and hurt. Happiness comes from being happy, again release the memories of sadness and start to live in the present. Good things will flow to you when you have abundance consciousness.

Quotes from Diana Cooper’s A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws

“Abundance is your birthright open up to receive it”

Understanding these laws can help us create a happy and joyous life, energy healing can also help us to follow these laws to create wealth and prosperity in our lives, by helping to remove anger, negative beliefs etc..

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