Spiritual Laws – Law of Prayer

There are thirty six or more spiritual laws which offer excellent ways for us to understand life on earth, some of the following text has been taken from Diana Cooper’s fantastic book “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws”. I will briefly explain each law over the coming weeks, if you find this interesting I would encourage you to read Diana’s book. I use Diana’s book when I am low or wanting an answer to a problem I flick through the book and open it at a law, and more often than not that is where I need to focus at that time.

The Law of Prayer

Prayer is communicating with God, the universe, the creator, whatever we refer to our source as. Every thought and word we send out is prayer. Worry is negative prayer, telling our source how frightened we are and reinforcing the things we don’t want to happen.

When praying we should pray from our hearts and with pure intention if we wish our prayer to be answered. If you use anger, manipulation, greed, bargaining our source is unlikely to respond to your prayer.

The Law of prayer is to ask – believing that it will be granted. Faith is an active ingredient in bringing our prayers to realisation. The moment you offer a prayer to source, begin thanking the source for it. Also make preparations for what you have asked for. Have faith that it will be granted. Many people pray with out really expecting the prayer to be answered, so they take no action. They do not realise it is faith that activates a response from the universe/source. When you pray with others and all hold the vision, it strengthens the power or the prayer.

Love wants you to have your hearts desire. Love does not want his beloved to suffer. God is love. The block to receiving is at your end.

Many people pray for something they are not prepared to receive. Diana Cooper gave the example of a person praying for a car and being offered a car from an elderly aunt and replying “I can’t possibly accept your car”. It was only later he had realised his prayer was being answered.

Asking for something bad to happen to someone else of asking for victory over someone else is a mockery of prayer. The negative energy eventually boomerangs back to hit the sender.

Activating the Law of Prayer

First ask                                                                                       

Then detach from the result,

Thank God for responding,

Hold your faith,

Prepare for it to be granted

Quotes from Diana Cooper’s A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws

“Ask believing, and it is already granted.”

Understanding these laws can helps us create a happy and joyous life, energy healing can also help us to follow these laws to create wealth and prosperity in our lives, by helping to remove anger, negative beliefs etc..

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