Snail Gel

Dr-Organic-Snail-GelSnail Gel the potent , soothing, anti-ageing skin cream

The healing and repairing properties of the slime, which is harvested without harming the snails, the mucus from the snails is collected as they crawl over special glass and plastic surfaces. The discovery was made  by chance when Chilean snail farmers noticed their hands  healed more quickly without any scars and were very soft and smooth to the touch. The natural extract Helix Aspersia Muller the unique substance the snail produces to quickly regenerate its own shell and skin, contains a balance of beneficial substances which include glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, allantonin, vitamins and minerals.

This is how all the substances work to produce great-looking, healthy skin:

Glycolic Acid

Snail Gel contains enough glycolic acid to produce a gentle elimination of superficial dead skin cells, and to help promote their replacement with new cells, formed using the stimulus of allantoin. It also enables cleansing of pilose follicles and favours the absorption of the other natural substances contained in the snail extract.


A proven stimulant for skin regeneration – also effective for healing, smoothing and anti-irritation – that works by increasing water content and strengthening cell structure.

Collagen and elastin

These are structural proteins that bond skin tissue, nurture skin and improve its appearance. Collagen gives connective tissue and organs rigidity so they can function, and elastin lets them stretch and return to their original state.

Proteins and vitamins

Contribute to the constant regeneration of skin while also acting as anti-inflammatory agents.

Dr Organic snail gel is mixed with Aloe Vera which is very cooling and helps to reduce redness in the skin and it also contains lemongrass which gives it a lovely  lemon smell.  The gel feels instantly cooling and refreshing on the skin and it is a freshness that lasts and the lemon scent is very awakening.

If you would like to try the gel before buying a pot for between £20 and £25, you can book a facial with me at a pamper event or a full luxury facial at home.

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