Are you feeling overwhelmed? Find your inner peace now!

Are you feeling overwhelmed in life, struggling with your workload, always rushing from one task to the next, feeling stressed and anxious? In today’s modern world we have forgotten what it is like to live a life where we’re not always overloaded, overworked, and underappreciated, by those around us and by ourselves. For help on all these subjects Soul Essence is starting a fortnightly class in the New Year to find our inner calm and peace. Sign up here and receive some information on how you start to help yourself now and receive more information in the new year of the class.

Listen to music

Music is food for the soul and an instant way to gain peace of mind. Try to listen to calming relaxing music rather than heavy rock/pop. There is plenty of information online on how sound waves change the water and other elements. Just remember we are 70% to 80%, so sound waves affect our body.

Deep breathing/meditation

Taking deep breaths helps you focus on your breathing and not on things that make you anxious. Meditation can help this too, it can be a guided meditation taking you on a journey to relax or focussing on a candle or music. The end result is a calmer you.

Go for a walk

Being out in the fresh air can help promote peace of mind. It is also good physical exercise to help you improve your health.

Enjoy nature

If you live in a city, find some green spaces to connect with nature, listen to the birds and enjoy the peaceful feeling. If you are in the countryside you have more choices where to connect with nature. Nature revives our energy and inner spirit and can teach us major lessons if we are willing to observe and understand. Getting in tune with it can help optimize our immunity and ultimately our wellbeing. As nature calms you, your stress level reduces which improves your immune system.


Clutter can add to feelings of tension and a clean, clear home allows a clearer, more peaceful mind. There are many ideas online to help you declutter.


Learn what we can control and what we cannot. Let go of the things you can’t change like the weather, traffic, various delays. Look for the positive things in your life.


Learning to love/like ourselves helps us feel more at ease. By loving ourselves we can decrease our feelings of insecurity and find more inner peace

Be true to you

Behave similarly to the way we feel and think. If we see ourselves as a loving mother and do not behave in that way, we will not have a feeling of inner peace.

Sense of humour

Try and see the funny side of things. Laughing has always been said to be good medicine. This is because laughter increases our intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates our lungs and muscles and increases that feel-good hormone “endorphins”

Love unconditionally

Insecurity destroys peace of mind. By not expecting anything back, we can love without fear. The conditions we put on love create our inner turmoil.

Life in the moment

Eckhart Tolle explains this so well in his book “Power of Now”. We cannot change the past and what we do in this present moment is what will affect our future. Trying to live in the past or future just creates worry and anxiety.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude

Putting our focus on all the times and for things we are grateful for helps to promote our inner calm. Always try to find positive in your life. Just think of the best thing that happened this day and say thank you just before you go to bed.

See failure as learning

None of us would have learned to walk if we had not failed a few times first. To improve in anything, you have to fail and try again. Just remember it is not you that is the failure, it is what you tried that failed. There is a difference

Connect with others

Life is about sharing with others and feeling understood, this gives us a sense of wellbeing.

Find positive outlets for negative emotions

Sports, particularly martial arts are a great way of releasing negative emotions. You can also release through therapy groups or various hobbies. Suppressing negative emotions is likely to lead to ill health.

Slow down

We are living at a time where we expect everything now. How often do you get frustrated when something is slowly downloading or not happening at the pace you would like. We place pressure on ourselves unnecessarily. Observe when you are feeling impatient and why.

Challenge your “should” and “musts”

Replace these words with could and stop putting pressure on yourself. You will start feeling more peace.

Be kind

By being kind to others it makes us feel good too. Try doing random acts of kindness for others.

Don’t compare

Do what you want, follow your path, we are all on our own journeys and at different places. Stop creating stress by comparing yourself with others “BE YOU”


Affirmations are a great way to stop the inner critic and be positive. Here are some affirmations for anxiety. 

Monitor your thoughts

We are so often overly critical of ourselves, try to talk to ourselves like you would a best friend. Remember our thoughts and words create our lives. Being harsh with yourself will not create inner peace.

Get enough sleep

Make sure you get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep to regenerate your body. If we are overtired things will not go well and we will feel miserable.

Just to remind you Soul Essence will cover these and more in the fortnightly class in the new year. Sign up here and receive some information about how you start to help yourself now and receive more information in the new year about the class.

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