Spiritual Laws – Frequency or Vibration

Fear is a low-frequency heavy vibration, whereas love calmness and peace are high-frequency light vibrations. We have all been in a situation where humour has lifted the energy. Love heals the heavy emotion of grief. Light vibration will transmute the heavy ones.

Critical and cynical people send out arrows of low-frequency energy, we struggle to be around this energy,  we make jokes to lighten the energy or move away and talk to someone else. Anger and rage are low energies and below that energy is always fear and a feeling of powerlessness. While we are calm and centred we remain in high vibration and able to be in our power and calmly speak our truth, so we can release the feelings of anger and rage.

We all know animals can pick up the frequencies we can’t. A dog will always bark/growl at someone who is scared of dogs. Horses will also respond to your energy. Children do the same they can sense when teachers or parents are stressed, and behave accordingly.

Doing things because you feel you should, will also carry a low vibration. Guilt and obligation are not good reasons to do things. When you do things you enjoy or want to do you radiate high-frequency energy. Therefore the sooner you do things that give you joy and enthusiasm, the quicker you will raise your energy and those around you to high frequency.

Use affirmations to help programme your subconscious. Use your imagination to visualise confidence, joy and beautiful colours around you.  Once you realise who you are and accept it you will start to raise yourself to a high-frequency person.

Illness and disease have a heavy vibration that blocks the flow of your life force. Healing is when high-frequency energy is sent or channelled to the ill person. Energy healing can help shift you from low vibration to high vibration contact Rosemary if you would like to discuss how energy healing could help you.

Success has a vibration, mix with successful people and your vibration should start to match theirs.

Understanding spiritual laws can help us create a happy and joyous life.

This information is based on Diana Cooper’s book “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws”.

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