Our Human Energy Field – What is it?

Human Energy FieldWe all have an energy field which consists of four dimensions; Physical, Aura, Intention and Essence.


Chronic disturbances on the mental and emotional levels create holding patterns in the body which lead to tension, ill health and disease. The roots of these are found in cellular memory which can be accessed and cleared with Energy Healing.


There are seven levels and various chakras that make up the Aura as illustrated in the diagram above. This is the dimension of our personality or ego and contains both the healthy and distorted patterns that we have acquired through life. A diseased condition exists here prior to manifesting in our physical bodies. This is the dimension where the majority of our healing is needed.


Our life purpose is held in this dimension. When we align our intention to Truth, life flows with ease and Grace.


The state of pure, original Being. The impulses of Essence expressing in life are often partially distorted or veiled by our ego self. As we go through the journey of healing, Essence is revealed more fully in daily life.