I am often asked what are the differences between Reiki and Energy Healing.

From my research using the internet and from talking to Reiki practitioners I believe the following is the case:

All healing whether Spiritual, Energy or Reiki work on the Human Energy Field and uses channelled energy. All healing is beneficial, and with the many types available there will be one to suit you. Whatever healing is given needs to originate from a pure intention coming from love and an open heart, not from a healer’s ego.

Reiki practitioners receive an “attunement” from a certified Reiki Master Teacher; this attunes them to what is known as “Reiki energy”, enabling him or her to channel the energy for themselves and from them to others. A Reiki practitioner will attend a minimum of two weekends of training to be able to be called a Practitioner.

Spiritual and Energy work practitioners spend at least a year (usually up to 3 or 4 years) training to be classed as Practitioners. They channel energy by meditation and intention through themselves to the 7 levels of their client’s energy field. Energy healing also works by tracing symptoms back to their energetic causes within the 7 levels. Several different healing techniques are used for the benefit of the client.

The School of Energy Healing course is based on the Barbara Brennan Healing School and uses many healing techniques to help people back to total health. Techniques can include Inner Child healing, Relationship Cord healing, chakra balancing and restructuring, organ and spine cleansing as well as many others. Trained Energy Healers from the School of Energy Healing are also able to give advice on diet and lifestyle and work constructively with the emotions released during the healing process. Part of the training also involves the students themselves working with qualified energy healers to cleanse their own energy fields. They are more able then to run “pure” energy when healing others.

Another difference between Reiki and Energy Healing is that simply being attuned to Reiki does not necessarily give you the tools to deal with the emotions released by the client during a healing.

I believe that whatever type of healing you are receiving, only matters which you can deal with at that time will present themselves for healing.

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