Colour/Emotional Healing

The purpose of colour/emotional clearing healing is to clean, balance and charge the emotional energy on the second level of the Human Energy Field. This has a direct effect on how the receiver is feeling and can remove the accumulation of stagnant clouds of emotions that have been generated from negative thinking and dwelling our attention in the past or future.
This is also about going back in time and cleaning up any mess that we have left behind by way of unprocessed or unexpressed emotions from previous experiences or traumas that have become lodged in the energy field.
Healthy Colours
A healthy colour is vibrant, bright crisp, pure and continuously responsive and moving. This reflects emotions that are felt, and allowed to move through, with out attachment. These are the colours of the rainbow.
Unhealthy Colours
An unhealthy colour is dull, darkish, gloopy, sticky, dirty, hard, heavy and sluggish. This reflects emotions that are felt, but not expressed, and so become baggage for us to lumber around in our life. These are our attachments.
Here are the most commonly seen unhealthy colours on levels two and four of the Human Energy field.
DARKER RED Resentment
BLACK Hatred
DARK-GREEN Jealousy, Envy
There are two main ways that emotions can become unhealthy;
STAGNATION. This happens as a result of a strong feeling not being processed, and so the energy of it gets stuck in our energy field and physical body. This causes a blockage to the flow of further energy and in this way our whole system can become affected by one chronic emotional blockage. Toxins are not released and further tensions are introduced. This stagnation can be cleared, and the blockage released, by colour and emotional clearing healing.
DEPLETION. This happens usually due to a leakage in the structured levels of the Human Energy Field, or lacks a vital energy with which to generate the feelings in the first place. The leakage in the structured levels can be repaired by working on the gridwork of the human energy field, and the vital energy can be recharged by infusing colour.
Emotional clearing and infusing colour helps to clear our human energy field of our excessive or stagnant emotional energy, and fills us with love which then becomes a new orientation towards ourselves and life.
This may also prepare you for deeper work on clearing the illusionary beliefs out of which we create much of our experience, including our emotional state. However these beliefs are often inaccessible, and difficult to work with, while we are being emotionally overwhelmed and distracted by our reactions to the drama of life.
Our reactions are unconscious habits of defence that we use to protect ourselves from the expected repetition of past hurtful events. This is how the illusion is created in our minds. We look out at the present moment, and therefore send our creative energy, through the expectation of the past repeating, and so create the experience for ourselves in the present.
This process continually repeats until we are able to become self conscious within it, and to wake up within the dream. It is then, within the lucidity of expanded consciousness that we are able to re choose.
Remember that you are not your emotions, and that like all experience they come and they go.
Information has been taken from the School of Energy Healing course material.

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