Past Life Healing

The purpose of a past life healing is to identify and clear unresolved, residual experiences from past lives so we are not transferring this image onto the present, and recreating the same limiting life patterns. Our subconscious minds already contain the memories of every life that we have lived on this planet. Your soul may have incarnated many times, in a past life healing an experience may be brought up from your subconscious and a solution to heal a situation regardless of whether you totally believe in this therapy.

Current life situations that are out of proportion to what is going on in present life is an indication where a past life healing would be helpful, to take them back to the dimension to find out what went on. Karmic residue can be removed so the soul does not create the same circumstances over and over again.
All our experiences we have had or are having are recorded in our energy field. Within them we will have beauty, love, violence, shame, murder, abundance and lack. When we go back and remember any of these, we can become our true selves.

Past live healing is to help us heal the troubles of the past. This is easier to do now than then. This is because we are detached from the pain and suffering of the situation, so we can come to a deeper wisdom and understanding. When we do this work, we are more conscious now, so we can heal, and help all people involved.

We can all inherit physical characteristics from our ancestors so why can’t we inherit behaviours, urges and instincts which could also include inherited memory. Whatever your beliefs, Past Life Healing can lead to amazing insights and help you to resolve past blocks to your current and future success. Quite often emotional issues, physical illness and phobias originate in past lives, from some unresolved but forgotten trauma. Past Life Healing is a process by which you access past life experiences, heal them and then let them go so that they no longer affect the life you are living now. As a result you begin to have a real choice in the way you experience your life.

We are on this earth to become whole and life will present us situations for us to learn and heal from. If we do not learn from these situations we will come back and recreate the same problems until we do.

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Information has been taken from the School of Energy Healing course material.