Sound Healing

The purpose of using sound as a mode of healing is to clear stuck emotional energy on levels two and four of the Human Energy Field. This will have a direct effect on how you feel and can remove the accumulation of stagnant emotions that have been generated from negative thinking, dwelling in the past/future or that have been left unprocessed or unexpressed from a previous trauma.

Sound also brings the structured levels into alignment. This will have the direct effect on the integrity and strength of these levels and their associated aspects.
This can take place on the therapy table with the therapist toning/chanting or can be done by chanting / toning in a group or by yourself.
To find out how sound can affect our bodies, experiment with plants. A plant in a room where heavy metal music is played constantly will show less growth than a plant in a room with Mozart playing. Sound can pattern consciousness on all levels. There is a sacred geometry in sound.

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